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What previous clients have said about their experiences with Sunwise Hypnotherapy


My hypnotherapy sessions with Sunwise have been a game of 2 halves, both supportive in different ways.


The sessions begin with a series of questions or enquiries, always similar, and include a goal setting element week to week. The regularity & consistency of this provided a useful framework to reflect on my challenges & successes, alongside the invaluable experience of being witnessed by an attentive professional. 


The sessions then moved on to the hypnotherapy relaxation sequence. In contrast to being engaged in the first half, the invitation here was explicitly to disengage and let go of stress, without even worrying about following the words being spoken- which themselves have wisdom in their content. I would often nod off, and the quality of rest seemed of a high order. 


I am certain the sessions have supported my wellbeing in conscious and unconscious ways.



I was looking for an alternative solution to my frequent night waking (as much as 10 or more times per night). I tried prescription medicine and it didn't really work. I wasn't sure if the problem I had was physical (need to go to the bathroom due to overactive bladder especially at night time) or if the problem was mentally. I really wanted to get better sleep and was hoping that the hypnotherapy might help.


I enjoyed the actual therapy. The meditations really helped me in many ways and it did help to get better sleep. I felt that the quality of sleep was improving and that I was also dreaming more which I enjoyed. The process was simple and suited me. The positive solution attitude became part of my life.


I have gone from getting hardly any sleep at night to only waking up once or twice. Getting at least 7 or 8 hours of quality sleep which I have not been able to do for about 7 years or maybe longer.


I was very satisfied with the Hypnotherapy I received from Tom. He is very professional and the sessions were all well presented. I felt relaxed during the therapy and I am impressed with the results.


I sought hypnotherapy because I had a quite severe spider phobia and dreaded situations where I might encounter one.  I had been scared of seeking therapy in the past – I thought I might have to actually touch a spider and that put me off. 


Tom reassured me that I would have to do no more than remember some past times when I had seen a spider.  He weaved these memories into a comforting hypnotherapy session where I imagined that situation but actually being able to cope.  After the 4 sessions I had a different reaction when I saw a spider and knew that I could cope much better.  I found I looked forward to the sessions and they were relaxing.

Field Sunset


I met with Tom to help get over my fear of swallowing.  Solution Focused Hypnotherapy has really helped me with my fear of swallowing, and I am now a lot more relaxed about eating.  Before I had phobia treatment with Tom, meal times could be a lottery and I would either enjoy or not depending on what I was having.  Living with meat eating carnivores has meant that I have not be able to avoid cooking meals that inevitably meant a good bit of chewing and the potential for getting food stuck. 

Thankfully since the treatment I am now sitting down to meals and not thinking about the thought of getting food stuck and am able to enjoy my food and enjoy chatting and being sociable too. 


What a difference, thank you Tom. You were kind, patient, explained the process and sessions would work putting me at ease from the get go.


My experience with Sunwise Hypnotherapy has been nothing short of phenomenal. The rigorous support I received enabled me to live a healthier and more active life with tight control over anxiety, a higher mood, and better overall emotional regulation.


Not only that but I also found that Tom was able to respond and adapt to my needs across my sessions that led to a more holistic and fulfilling experience and better results. In particular, sessions started off as general stress relief related to exam anxiety before shifting focus to performance enhancement hypnotherapy as my exams approached.


The results were simply outstanding as I was able to enhance my new-found control over my anxiety and emotional state that contributed to such a significant improvement in performance and emotional regulation, it was honestly surprising to see at just how far along I was able to come thanks to the focused and specialised support I received from Tom.


I cannot recommend Sunwise Hypnotherapy enough. The experience will not just lead to outstanding hypnotherapy results but I am sure, with Sunwise Hypnotherapy, you will be able to exceed your goals and expectations, just as I have.

Forest Trees


I came to Sunwise Hypnotherapy to help me finally give up smoking after a ten year habit. The whole session lasted nearly two hours and was super relaxing. Tom was very knowledgeable about the subject and really managed to put me at ease, I learned a lot about the harmful effects of smoking which gave me even more reason to give up. 

I was already committed to the process which I think helped and the actual hypnotherapy experience gave me that extra confidence to go through with it. 

The best part, I've been smoke free ever since and I no longer get cravings, it worked like magic. 

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